Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work in Rome?

No,I do not only work in Rome. Here is my headquarters, but I work on weddings all over Italy.

To foreign and Italian clients who do not have time to organize their event and want to personalize it. I guarantee my service to a limited number of clients,in order to be able to always offer exclusivity and quality.

Yes, I do. Although, I would like to understand their target, market position and level of quality and professionalism.

Yes, once the assignment is confirmed, a contract is drawn up.

I always recommend the clients to get in touch with me 14/12 months before the event date. Time allows us to progress with extreme tranquility and have a wide choice of suppliers. This is especially true for the weddings planned for the high season months.
Obviously I have organized last minute events , but I always prefer planning and designing a project with the necessary time.

There is no fixed price. The pricing of my service depends on a number of factors and from the complexity of the event.
In order to define an ad hoc quote for the customer, during the first meeting I ask a series of questions, which aim at collecting the required information.

Yes, my trusted suppliers are wonderful people with whom I have been working for over 10 years. They are perfectly aligned to my style and standard of service.

I always start with an introductory meeting, in which I and the spouses get to know each other. On this occasion I ask questions about their projects and answer the clients’ doubts.
Once that the assignment is formally agreed upon and the contract is signed, it will be my pleasure to present a budget idea for the event.
During the planning of the event I am personally in charge of the relationships with the suppliers and the development of the project in partnership with the floral designer.This last passage is followed by the production of a paper sketch.
Obviously, I will keep the clients updated on the progress, with the aim of avoiding stress and unnecessary fears.
A week before the big day I will send a timeline to all suppliers as a means to achieve the necessary level of coordination before and during the event.

I am afraid no.
My work is meant to be a complete 360 degrees collaboration, I do not offer a partial service.

No, I don’t. My team includes 5 girls.